Upon working together, you will receive a personalized sleep plan for your child, as well as support and encouragement while implementing healthy changes to better your child's sleep.  When your child isn't sleeping well, it is exhausting, and overwhelming for the whole family.  Let's work together to get your family the rest you need and deserve!

Hush Little Birdie Specializes in:

  • Night Wakings

  • Helping Children Learn How To Fall Asleep Independently

  • Establishing Age Appropriate Sleep Schedules

  • Early Morning Wake Ups

  • Sleep Associations

  • Short Naps and Nap Transitions

  • Bedtime Battles

  • Dropping Night Time Feedings

  • Children Who Won’t Stay In Their Own Bed

  • Transitioning From Co-Sleeping To Sleeping In Own Room

“By night 3, our son slept for 12 hours in his crib without interruption. He's happier, more energetic, and growing like a weed. Mom and dad are much better rested, making our family time that much more enjoyable. Alicia worked miracles for our family and we would recommend her to anyone with child sleep issues.”

"We went from parents who were on the brink of a total breakdown, to ones who are ready to take on the world. Our daughter now takes two naps a day, and sleeps for thirteen hours at night. What a life changer!"