My Story


My journey in becoming a Pediatric Sleep Consultant began when my oldest daughter’s sleep drastically changed around 4 months of age.  It felt as though someone flipped a switch, and I wasn’t able to soothe my daughter to sleep anymore.  Naps and bedtime became a battle, and she also began waking more frequently during the night.  I was exhausted, and found myself doing everything I could to learn more about child sleep.  During my frantic search to solve my daughter’s sleep issues, I discovered the amazing field of pediatric sleep consulting!  My husband and I decided to work with a sleep consultant when my daughter was 4 ½ months old.  Within a few weeks my daughter was sleeping through the night and had a set schedule for naps during the day.  She is now 3 years old, and still an awesome sleeper!  

Once my daughter’s sleep had improved, family, friends and colleagues began asking for my help with their children’s sleep issues.  I enjoyed helping other parents so much, that I decided to enroll in the Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program.  During my training, I was introduced to a variety of approaches, which I appreciated because every child's needs are different.  My goal is to work with families to develop healthy sleep habits for their children, so that everyone is happy and well-rested.  I will create a personalized plan that is tailored to fit your child’s individual needs and family philosophy.   My sleep plans include follow-up support, to help guide and encourage families as they progress through their sleep journey.   As a formerly sleep deprived parent, I can tell you there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  With hard work, and consistency you can become a well-rested family! 


Alicia Birdsong, M.A., LPC


Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications

B.A. in Psychology, University of Michigan
M.A. in Counseling, Eastern Michigan University
Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Michigan
Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute
Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Child Care, American Academy of Pediatrics
Lactation Management Training, Lactation Education Resources