Hello! I’m so glad you are visiting my page. As a formerly sleep deprived parent, I completely understand how you must be feeling. Tired, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do to help your child sleep better.

I felt all of these things when my oldest daughter’s sleep drastically changed when she was around 4 months of age.  It felt as though someone flipped a switch, and I wasn’t able to soothe my daughter to sleep anymore. Naps and bedtime became a battle, and she also began waking more frequently during the night. My husband and I were exhausted.

After trying to solve our daughters sleep issues on our own, with no success, my husband and I decided to work with a sleep consultant. Within a few weeks my daughter was sleeping through the night and had a set schedule for naps during the day. It was life changing!

Once my daughter’s sleep had improved, family, friends and colleagues began asking for my help with their children’s sleep issues.  I enjoyed helping other parents so much, that I decided to enroll in the Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program. 

I’m passionate about helping families get the sleep they need, and am here to tell you that it is possible to have a well rested child, and be better rested yourself!

Alicia lives in East Lansing, MI with her husband, and two daughters.  When she’s not helping families get more sleep, or working in her role as a therapist, she is at home with her family. She enjoys a good Netflix binge, coffee, exploring the city of Lansing, and spending time with friends and family.  

B.A. in Psychology, The University of Michigan, 2009
M.A. in Counseling, Eastern Michigan University, 2012
Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Michigan, 2015
Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute, 2016
Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Child Care, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2016
Lactation Management Training, Lactation Education, 2016