"Alicia literally saved our lives. We were lucky to get two hours of sleep in a twenty-four hour period from our daughter before Alicia changed everything. Through a customized and concise plan, we broke our daughter’s (and our) bad bedtime habits and trained her with new sleeping skills. Alicia was there every step of the way. She checked in with us multiple times every single day to coach us, encourage us, provide valuable feedback and recommendations, and make adjustments to our daughters sleep plan as necessary. We went from parents who were on the brink of a total breakdown, to ones who are ready to take on the world. Our daughter now takes two naps a day, and sleeps for thirteen hours at night. What a life changer!"

Dana and Tim B. - Parent's of 10 month old girl 

"Working with Alicia has saved this second time mommy! When my son was around four months old, I began the time-consuming habit of rocking him to sleep. Soon enough, it was taking  more time to rock him to sleep than the duration he was sleeping! I was frustrated, exhausted and felt like I was missing out on much needed one-on-one time with my 2 year old. Nighttime sleep was just as challenging, with nightly wake-ups into the double digits. Within days of creating a plan with Alicia, my baby was putting himself to sleep at night and self-soothing himself back to sleep during wake-ups. He also began to eat on a more predictable schedule and we were able to cut out two night feedings. What I appreciated about Alicia the most was her attentiveness to our family; her thorough instructions, multiple check-ins throughout the day and positive reinforcements show the pride she takes in this business and the compassion she has for helping little ones get the sleep their bodies need.  Working with Alicia was so great we actually hired her again to help sleep train our toddler! Do yourself a favor - stop rocking that baby and call Alicia now!"

Lauren B. - Mom of 5 month old boy

"Alicia is simply amazing!!  Her disposition and calm nature makes her very easy to work with, she is very accommodating and the hours she puts in to help her clients is impressive.  She is able to meet the child and analyze their sleep environment and has very good suggestions on how to make adjustments that will help during the sleep process.  Alicia's sleep plan is very easy to follow and she does such a good job of following up and providing tweaks based upon the child's reactions and difficulties.  Her work has helped to turn our house around and we have also seen behavioral improvements now that our son is getting the sleep that he needs every night.  Our home is a much quieter and happier place to be now that we are all better rested!! I would highly recommend Alicia and the services she provides, it truly was life changing (for the better) for our family!!  It took a lot of hard work and discipline, but with Alicia's help and guidance it was manageable and the results speak for themselves!  You will not be sorry choosing to work with Alicia- she is very good at what she does and it's apparent that she loves helping families with her extensive knowledge!  It honestly was the best money we have ever spent!   Thank you again Alicia!"

Nicole V. - Mom of 4 year old boy

"Our 20 month old was still waking up 3 to 4 times per night. Both my husband and I were so exhausted and I'm sure our toddler was as well! We reached out to Alicia in desperation and are SO GLAD we did. Let me tell you, it has been worth every penny. Alicia came up with a sleep plan that was specific to our concerns and needs AND she basically held our hand every single day for two weeks to work through any issues that came up. I honestly didn't think it would be possible for our son to sleep through the night. I thought "sleep training" would harm him, but we were desperate due to how the sleep deprivation was affecting us. He is SO much happier now that he is sleeping through the night and getting good naps! He goes to sleep knowing that we are nearby and wakes up happy (for the most part - haha). I honestly feel like he is a more secure child now. It's hard to believe what can happen in two weeks - but it worked for us! Thanks so much for helping us, Alicia!"

Chandra D. - Mom of 2 year old boy

"We are so happy to have worked with Alicia. We saw tremendous progress with our four-month-old son in only two days, and more sustained progress over the two week period in which Alicia worked with us. Our son went from waking every 1.5 hours and taking only 20 minute naps (if that) during the day to putting himself to sleep, sleeping for up to 6 hour stretches and then falling back asleep without crying, and taking three solid naps during the day. She listened carefully to what we were thinking, responded promptly and effectively to our questions over email, and checked in with us multiple times a day. There is so much information online and in books about how to sleep train, but it was overwhelming trying to figure out what would work best for us, especially when we hadn’t slept in months! Alicia distilled all of this information for us and made a plan that was unique to our son and our goals. She also helped us write up a plan for our son’s daycare provider. As a mother herself, she understood my feelings at a personal level, as well, and was kind, caring, and thoughtful in her approach to helping us— clearly her background as a counselor helps in this role, as well! We cannot recommend her highly enough; indeed, it is, to date, the best money we have ever spent." 

Alyssa & John D. - Parent's of 4 month old boy

"Zombie mom. That's what I was, 100% zombie mom but thanks to Alicia and her amazing work I am now a fully functioning adult and a better mother. My almost 18 month old used me as a pacifier at night and would wake up every 1.5-2 hours. We tried everything we knew before contacting Alicia. She sat down with us, listened to our story and complaints and helped us draw up a plan. For two weeks she would check our progress and email us with suggestions, encouragement and support. Within a few days we saw a huge change in our son and we felt so much better as well. Sleep is so precious, Alicia and her support in getting us all to sleep better, was worth every penny."

Tammy V. - Mom of 18 month old boy

"Working with Alicia has been absolutely amazing. I had done some reading on sleep training but I never thought MY baby would be capable of it. By the third night, my five month old slept till 5AM! Alicia gave me the confidence that I needed to stick to Lila's plan. She was there every step of the way to cheer us on or to help work out kinks. My baby and I are both so much better rested thanks to Alicia!"

Jamie D. - Mom of 5 month old girl

“When we started working with Alicia, we were desperate to try anything because our son was night waking up to 5-6 times a night. We were impressed with Alicia's professionalism, her insight, her positive feedback, her easy-to-understand-and-follow plan, and her incredible support throughout the entire process. We were well aware that Alicia not only was training Matthew, but also teaching us how to change our behavior as well, but we never felt threatened or judged. Alicia felt like our own personal cheerleader- even on nights when we felt like we completely messed up! As Matthew's mom, I found the language that Alicia scripted to be invaluable and so easy to use in moments of stress. We are happy to report that Matthew is rarely night waking, but on the nights that he does, he is able to soothe himself with our voices only! We are incredibly grateful for Alicia and all of the time and attention that was given to our family! Alicia is a true blessing!"

Kellie W. - Mom of 3 year old boy

"I highly recommend Alicia as a sleep consultant.  Our house is completely different since working with Alicia!  My son  is now sleeping through the night without any night feedings, consistently taking a 2 - 2.5 hour nap each day, and he is so much happier!  Alicia is so understanding and patient.  She really listened to my concerns and goals and together, we made a plan.  She encouraged me to do things at my own comfort level.  Alicia was so great with checking in on progress made, celebrating the positive changes, and brainstorming challenges.  We will forever be grateful for Alicia's help!"

Emily M. - Mom of 18 month old boy

"Thank you Alicia so much for working with us to help our little girl's sleep issues. We were close to our wits end and with your guidance and support we found the whole process to be easier than expected. The plan you gave us was clear and well defined, and also tailored to what we were comfortable with. We now have a sweet girl who goes to sleep on her own happily and has the ability to get herself back to sleep in the night. Thank you again!"

Laura and Alex W. - Parent's of 16 month old girl