Why Should I Hire A Sleep Consultant?

  • I found myself asking this same question when my oldest, Lillian, was going through some major sleep issues at 4 months of age. I set out to solve her sleep issues on my own, by taking to Google, as well as asking family and friends for advice.  While I ended up with a lot of helpful suggestions, I had a hard time making sense of it all, and some of the suggestions were contradicting one another. My husband and I were tired of trying things that weren’t working, and were feeling overwhelmed.  That’s when we decided to hire a sleep consultant.

  • When hiring a sleep consultant, you won’t have to spend hours searching the internet for answers, and still find yourself at a loss.  I will customize a plan for your little one that is tailored to fit your family’s needs. In addition, I will work with you while the plan is implemented, giving you the support and encouragement you need to get more sleep!

What Sets You Apart From Other Sleep Consultants?

  • In addition to the work I do as a sleep consultant, I also work as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan.  I am able to utilize my counseling skills and background to coach families through the process of implementing their little ones sleep plan, in a way that not all sleep consultants can.  

  • Furthermore, not all sleep consultant certification programs are created equal...some only providing three days of training to their graduates.  I earned my certification through the Family Sleep Institute, in which I completed over 250 hours of coursework. The intensive, detailed training program equipped me with a variety of tools and the knowledge needed to help families meet their sleep goals!

Do I Have To Let My Child “Cry It Out”?

  • No you will not have to let your child Cry It Out.  Cry It Out is just one sleep training approach, I work with a variety of approaches to help children learn how to fall asleep independently, ranging from very gradual/ parent involved to more direct/hands off. During the formal consultation, we will review all approaches, and discuss what is the best fit for you and your little one.